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Our Port In Any Storm from Save Cloyne on Vimeo.

Brandon Melendez has been a resident at Cloyne for over a year. During his time in Cloyne, he has been involved in many poetry and artistic communities sharing their stories and talents. Last spring, he was on the team that represented UC Berkeley at CUPSI, the collegiate national poetry slam invitational. His team won “Best Writing by a Team” and he was also awarded “Best Poem” at the competition. He has been a featured performer at the UC Berkeley English Undergraduate Association and has had his poems published in numerous literary arts magazines and journals. Along with other Cloyne alumni, he has taught the Poetry for the People class at UC Berkeley for the last two years, working with undergraduates to craft and share their stories. Cloyne has been a hub of inspiration and support through all of this. Cloyne has been his home and his family, his port in any storm.

Jake and the Deck from Save Cloyne on Vimeo.

Last year, a group of students in Cloyne undertook what may be the most ambitious home improvement project in the house's history. They have been constructing a deck shaped like a pirate ship. Jake is one of these students and in this interview he explains what the deck and Cloyne mean to him. If Cabinet's proposal passes then students such as Jake will not be allowed to live in this house that they've put so much love into.